Oil / Water Separators

Oily Water - What do you do with it?

Process it through a ConDePhase or ThermaPhase separator to protect the environment and keep the EPA off your back.

Many states now classify air compressor condensate as a hazardous waste.

Oily condensate can originate from a number of locations in the air compressor system:


Collection and disposal of oily condensate by licensed contractors is inconvenient and expensive. ConDePhase® provides a simple, automatic and economical solution to the problem.

The ConDePhase® Advantages

Easy installation with no moving parts
External Activated Carbon Filter polishing unit provides additional effluent protection
External Carbon Filter is easily charged without entering unit
Tough, impact-resistant, high density polyethylene and polypropylene construction

Exceeds Environmental Standards

While some states push for even lower restrictions, for most states, 50 ppm is currently the standard concentration of oil allowed in water destined for sanitary sewers.

ConDePhase® units, with their unique separation design and activated filter, have achieved water effluents containing less than 15 ppm of oil.

Design Simplicity

Containing no moving parts, the ConDePhase® unit is maintenance free.

It is designed to give turbulent-free plug flow for maximum oil and water separation. Plug flow means water flows from top to bottom at an equal velocity over the cross section of the chamber. To achieve plug flow, we use a unique Dispersion Bucket and a special Outlet Header.

Three Phase Separation

Here's how the ConDePhase® combines three different separation methods for superior results:

Oily condensate enters the unique Expansion Chamber which allows air from automatic drains and ball valves, in blasts of five (5) seconds of less, to exit safely and the condensate to gravity flow into the unit. This enters a special dispersion Bucket inside the main tank. Orifices at the bottom of the bucket control the flow of the oily water, insuring uniform dispersion.

1. A large, turbulence-free Separation Chamber provides sufficient residence time for gravity to effect the separation process. A special Effluent Header insures maximum residence time and plug flow throughout the unit.

2. A second stage of gravity separation, plus coalescing polypropylene barrels, provides greater turbulence-free residence time for further separation.

3. A large volume, External Activated Carbon Filter polishing unit provides clean, sheen-free water.

As indicated above, coalescing, gravity separation and carbon absorption are the three separation methods used by the ConDePhase®.

Some lubricants such as polyglycols and phosphate esters have a specific gravity equal to or greater than water. Because of this higher specific gravity, special equipment is required to effect separation of these fluids from water.

How ConDePhase® Operates

The condensate enters the Expansion Chamber through Coupling A. The air is dissipated through the top which allows the oily condensate to gravity flow, from Coupling B, into the main tank, Coupling C. The condensate then enters into the Dispersion Bucket where the condensate uniformly flows into the Main Chamber from small orifices.

The small particles of oil coalesce, joining to form larger "drops". Because oil has a lower specific gravity than water, the oil then rises to the top and exits through Coupling D. This oil is then accumulated ready for environmentally safe disposal.

Meanwhile, "separated" water slowly sinks to the bottom where it is collected by the Effluent Heater. From there the water travels to the third stage of gravity separation to remove the maximum amount of gravity separable oil. The oil removed in this stage empties back into the main chamber through coupling E. The water then exits the unit through the Effluent Nozzle F and proceeds to the patented Exterior Activated Carbon Filter polishing unit.

In addition, lubricants which are miscible with water, (polyglycols) or contain additives (ATF's), such as detergents, which cause the lubricant to form stable emulsions with water, cannot be separated using ordinary gravity separation devices.

Easy Care patented (#5143611) External Filter

ConDePhase® utilizes a patented External Activated Carbon Filter polishing unit to facilitate easy filter change without having to enter the unit and create internal turbulence. The external filter simplifies the messy problem associated with handling the spent carbon filter.

Depending on a number of variables (the most significant being the type of lubricant in use), a carbon filter will normally last from six to nine months.

Choosing the correct Size Unit

Five key factors must be evaluated when selecting the size ConDePhase® unit to best fit your needs:
➤ Compressor capacity, SCFM
➤ Discharge pressure, psig
➤ Base stock of oil
➤ ISO grade of oil
➤ Additives present in the oil

ConDePhase® Sizing Instructions

To properly size the ConDePhase® unit for your particular application, first select the correct chart for the ISO viscosity grade of the lubricant being used in the air compressor. Locate the compressor capacity on the vertical scale at the left hand side of the graph. From this point, travel horizontally to the right unit you intersect the line representing the base stock of the lubricant being used in the compressor. At this intersection, travel vertically downward to the bottom scale indicating the unit size. If you arrive at a point on the scale between unit sizes, you should recommend a larger unit.

EXAMPLE: A 2600 cfm air compressor using an ISO 46 PAO-based lubricant would fall between the 30 gallon and the 80 gallon unit on the graph. Therefore, the 80 gallon unity should be recommended.

Model NumberTank Capacity (Gallons)Dimensions Condensate Inlet ConnectionOil Drain Connection Water Drain Connection Weight
15 15 29 1/4 x 18 3/4 Inches 1/2 Inch 1/2 Inch 3/4 Inch 23 Pounds
30 60 41 1/2 x 21 Inches 1/2 Inch 1/2 Inch 3/4 Inch 39 Pounds
80 80 48 1/2 x 29 Inches 1/2 Inch 3/4 Inch 1 Inch 88 Pounds
160 160 60 1/2 x 35 Inches 1/2 Inch 3/4 Inch 1 Inch 115 Pounds

When the nature of the lubricant is such that it forms a stable emulsion or is difficult to separate, then another method must be used to acconplish the task. ThermaPhase® was developed to solve this problem.

ThermaPhase® handles a broad variety of synthetic (polyglycol, diester, synthetic hydrocarbons, silicone, polyester and mixtures thereof) and petroleum based compressor lubricants. ThermaPhase should not be used on lubricants containing significant quantities of phosphate esters.

ThermaPhase® is a positive action solution to the problem of safety disposing of air compressor condensate.

The ThermaPhase® unit is a thermostatically controlled, electrically heated evaporation unit that separates air compressor condensate from spent compressor lubricant. The condensate water leaves the unit as atmospheric stream and the lubricant is periodically drained from the unit.

ThermaPhase® offers an economical alternative to having your condensate hauled away by a licensed disposal company. Determine the volume of condensate generated and check your savings from the Table...Annual Savings with ThermaPhase®. The ThermaPhase® heating elements and control mechanisms unitize off-the-shelf components which simplifies spare parts replacement.

ThermaPhase® Capacity/Utility Chart
Model No.Lbs./HrGals./HrKW AmpsVoltsShipping PhasesDimensions
TP-6 15.8 1.9 6 11 480 546 3 48 1/8 X 46 1/8 X 20 3/8
TP-12 34.2 4.1 12 19 480 550 3 48 1/8 X 46 1/8 X 20 3/8
TP-18 51.6 6.2 18 21.7 480 618 3 48 1/8 X 46 1/8 X 24 3/8
TP-24 69.1 8.3 24 28.9 480 624 3 48 1/8 X 46 1/8 X 24 3/8
TP-36 104.1 12.5 36 43.4 480 633 3 48 1/8 X 46 1/8 X 24 3/8
TP-54 156.6 18.8 54 65.0 480 819 3 48 1/8 X 46 1/8 X 44 3/8
TP-72 209.1 25.1 72 86.7 480 834 3 48 1/8 X 46 1/8 X 44 3/8
Annual Savings Using ThermaPhase®

ASSUMPTIONS: Electricity cost $0.08 per KWH Waste water disposal cost $2.00 per gallon

Gals./DayGals./YrAnnual Savings Minus Electrical Cost
25 9,125 $ 13,504
50 18,250 $ 27,010
100 36,500 $ 54,020
300 109,500 $162,060
450 164,250 $243,090
600 219,000 $324,120