Exchange Program

Exchange Program

We offer an exchange program to save you money on some of the more common replacement parts. The items are used and will be rebuilt to original specifications with new internal parts prior to shipment. You have the option of returning the used components you remove from your compressor to get core credits and maximize savings or you can keep them for spares.

The above shows the main components in the exchange program. If you don’t see something you would like, let us know. We may be able to customize a program to meet your specific requirements.

Compressor, All SizesValvesUnloaders RegulatorsCoolers Oil Pumps
Ingersoll-Rand®, XLE
Ingersoll-Rand®, LLE
Ingersoll-Rand®, ESV
Ingersoll-Rand®, ESH
Ingersoll-Rand®, PHE
Joy®, WG9
Joy®, WN112
Joy®, WN114

Additional Services

Compressor Service Company handles all of our compressor repair work. This includes reciprocating, rotary screw and sliding vanes from 10 to 600 horsepower for the major compressor manufacturers. This company is operated from the same facility as CompressorWeb. We offer the following maintenance services:

✔ A 35,000 sq. ft. repair facility to help with everything from minor repairs to complete overhauls.
✔ Service technicians for onsite repairs.
✔ A valve repair program for all major brands (OEMs) of large reciprocating compressors.

Note: OEM part numbers and product names are used for reference only. ® Registered trademarks of these companies.